13 January - 5 February 2004


Japanese Ceramics features the work of five contemporary Japanese potters. Ryoji Koie and Shiro Tsujimura are already well known to the British public through several exhibitions at Galerie Besson. Shozo Michikawa and Nobuo Okawa have been included in some of our mixed shows before, whilst Yukiko Mizukami is showing at the gallery for the first time. We are also pleased to be including some mezzotints by Nobuo Okawa Ė whose prints are represented in the British Museum collection.

Prices are on application. For further details about the pieces or enquiries of availability, please contact the gallery.



Shiro Tsujimura is a major modern Japanese potter who makes exciting and innovative use of Japanese ceramic traditions. He employs Oribe, Bizen and Shigaraki forms, to create dynamic anagama, or wood fired, pots with gritty textured surfaces and free flowing glazes.

RYOJI KOIE (b. 1938)

Considered one of Japanís most innovative ceramic artistís, Ryoji Koie was born in Tokoname in 1938. His highly spontaneous work has twice been exhibited at Galerie Besson. In 1991 he spent time in the studio of Sebastian Blackie in Farnham preparing a body of fluid work in stoneware, and in 1998 he worked with translucent porcelain in the studio of Oxford potter Margaret OíRorke.
Koie has also exhibited widely in Japan, Europe and the USA. He lives and works in Tokoname.


Born in Hokkaido and a graduate of Aoyama Gakuin University, Shozo Michikawa has exhibited in Japan, Manila, New York and London. He has taken part in various mixed exhibitions at Galerie Besson, and will be having his first solo exhibition with the gallery this summer.

NOBUO OKAWA (b. 1949)

Nobuo Okawa was born in Tokyo and went on to train at St. Martinís School of Art London where he became interested in Mezzotint. He exhibited his prints in New York from 1987-1991 at the Vorpal gallery. His Mezzotints are represented in the British Museum Collection. In 1989, whilst living in Oxford, he was encouraged by friends Margaret OíRorke and Giles Le Corre to take up pottery.
Living and working in Brockley, South-East London, he has regularly exhibited his ceramic work at Galerie Besson since 1996.


Currently working in Barcelona, Yukiko Mizukami completed her ceramics study at Musashino University in 1997. She has exhibited in Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Geneva. This is her first London exhibition.