ULLA HANSEN (b. 1953)


"My preferred shapes and forms are classical inspired by ancient, islamic and asian arts and crafts.

My clay is the very sandy red clay from the South of Denmark. I mix and clean it myself and store it for more than a year before I use it. In my large trays and bowls I add earthenware clay.

I throw all my pieces on the wheel, after which I pull or draw lobes, make facets, cut, shape and/or stamp bands. Most pieces have been given a slip - often several layers. I'm very fascinated by glazes and the hues derived from the slips and the ash and clay glazes. I use ash and clay glazes and the hues are derived from the slips : many types of different ashes like from beechwood, straw, oak yield different hues and colors. I much prefer light blue and green, turquoise colors."


Ulla Hansen

Exhibitions at Galerie Besson

Summer Exhibition Jul - Aug 2010
Three Danish Potters Mar - Apr 2010
Summer Exhibition Jul - Aug 2006
Ulla Hansen 1994
Eight Danish Potters 1989

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