International Contemporary Ceramics

Galerie Besson closed in June 2011. This website, and its wealth of information about studio ceramics, will be kept online as a research resource and archive. Please note the website is not being added to or updated any further and should be used soley as a reference to the gallery's 23 year history. - July 2011

"The gallery opened in 1988 and it has been an extraordinary and exciting 23 years for me. I have met many wonderful artists who have given me encouragement, support and friendship. I have learnt so much from the public, enthusiasts and above all from the artists. Now, after 245 exhibitions and aged 77, I have come to the decision to close the gallery...

It has been my intention that my gallery should be useful in promoting ceramics on the international market. I feel that that has been achieved...On a personal level, I am sure that you can imagine that the decision to close the gallery has not been easy but I feel that this is the right time to change direction while I still have the energy to do so.

I shall continue to work, but without a gallery, and look forward to new projects as a consultant. I hope we shall remain in touch.

With my best greetings,

Anita Besson, March 2011"

Galerie Besson